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Jul 09

Franklyn: Dodge It

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Franklyn movie posterJust thinking about it saps me of any pleasant thoughts I might have stored up, but it’s important that I tell you, and that you understand, that you should never, on any account, see this movie.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. Much of it takes place in a “fantasy London” where people dress like steampunk superheroes. Not bad per se, but in this case it feels almost supernaturally clichéd, like a movie version of those Hovis bread commercials going back through time—the first five minutes chart every leadenly portentous “dark graphic novel” trope ever conceived.


Stop This Sid Nonsense Now!

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Has there ever been a person where the proportion between hagiography and actual talent been so disparate as there is with Sid Vicious? Attitude of punk perhaps but cack-handed bassing aside, he is known for spitting, swearing, drugging, dying and making John Lydon look like the reasonable man (we all knew he was deep down). Which is why post Sid And Nancy, the world is not clamouring for more Sid Vicious material. Especially not one where Sid (dead for fifteen years at the time) has a cosy fireside chat with Kurt Cobain before he kills himself. But huzzah because not only is Kurt And Sid starting in September, but they have got Danny Dyer to play Sid Vicious.