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Jul 09

Call It By Its Name-Watch

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A cow-orker* informed me of this exciting new Aspall’s product this morning.


Perronelle’s Blush, eh? Now look, we know it’s Cider & Black, you know it’s Cider & Black, CALL IT CIDER & BLACK!!!

Here at FT Towers we are now awaiting the launch of “Serpent’s Kiss”, and Le Petit Tatou

I’m sure you can think of a few others in the comments box?

*who was also not taken in by this subtle bit of re-branding, to her credit.

UB40 – “Red Red Wine”

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#526, 3rd September 1983, video

UB40, I was aware, made reggae. Therefore reggae sounded like what UB40 made. I can’t have been the only one who made this logical mis-step, and I expect I wasn’t the only one who spent a decade-plus assuming they disliked reggae because of it.

For many people, of course, UB40 will have served as the gateway into reggae: that was the aim of Labour Of Love, after all, one of the best-intentioned smash hit albums of its era. Good intentions don’t always make for good music: so deadening is “Red Red Wine” in its UB40 form that I’ve never had a twitch of motivation even to go back and see what they polished up.


kids these days

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So, I’m quite young-ish. Well, sort of. Teenagers still think I’m old and weird but I do qualify for a railcard and that. As a result, I have only really quite dim memories of Michael Jackson before he turned into a really odd person who occasionally bobbed up with a fourteen minute video and generally felt like something I knew was very important but in a similar way to the way in which I know Elvis was very important but ultimately irrelevant to myself.


Where the Wild Things Art

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art inspired by maurice sendak’s 1963 classic, at TERRIBLE YELLOW EYES