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Mediocre Day Sunshine

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Perhaps it is important to good actors to do mediocre films for you to recognise how good they are. Ditto with good directors. The only question is why would said people, possibly at the height of their careers choose such flat projects? Its a question that sprung to mind during SUNSHINE* Cleaning, a film whose gestation I am about to guess. Because it stars Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Alan Arkin and was produced by the same team that produced Little Miss SUNSHINE. All of whom, one assumes, hooked up during the 2007 awards season when Amy was there with Junebug, Emily with The Devil Wears Prada and the rest of them with Little Miss SUNSHINE. Christine Jeffs (the director) so far has not been nominated for any major awards but was probably doing the rounds post Rain (good) and Sylvia (not so good), and possibly guessed that the cast and pedigree would do wonders for her career.

So the good in the film is obvious. This feels like a family. Emily and Amy convince as sister, Arkin convinces as their Dad.