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Jun 09

The Alka-Seltzer

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This summers hit comedy, The Hangover, is one big lie. Firstly, as hit comedies go, its not all that funny. For a shaggy dog stringing along of vaguely absurd scenarios it has a paucity of imagination about how absurd it can get. Whilst pitching as the height of madness the kidnapping of a tiger is pleasantly odd, having a shotgun wedding in Vegas is screenwriter 101. But for all of that it has a pleasing structure, which masks the loathsomeness of its protagonists which also provides needed momentum for the flick. But its odd when in a big comedy you exit with admiration for its structure over its actual gags.

So the structure. Three semi-friends take their mutual BFF to Vegas for a last minute stag night (the type no-one ever has anymore, and this film will continue to have banned). The three friends wake up the next morning with the titular Hangover, memory loss and having misplaced the stag – also with a baby, tigers and some chickens to hand.