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Jun 09

les hommes fous

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Louis de Funeshaving recently obtained “le gendarme integrale” – a collection of the six louis de funes movies wherein he plays a fiercely proud yet totally hapless member of the french national guard – it occurred to me that there’s an entire genre of movies whose underlying ethic is a simple, full-on embrace of the fabulousness of tourism.

the usual story is that air travel became affordable in the 1960s, so these movies functioned as an advertisement for and reflection of this new kind of activity. but i’m not sure that entirely explains them, and why they stopped. after all, with the advent of ultra-budget airlines in the late 1990s, europeans have become able to fly to all sorts of spots whose prior inaccessibility made them terra incognita. so why don’t we get “herbie goes to pristina”? “le gendarme à rzeszów”?