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Trop d’informations

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Anything For Her (- which seems a touch stronger than the French title Pour Elle) is an okay little prison break thriller. It does however share a with another French film of the last year a lack of ambition when it comes to its central theme. In I’ve Loved You So Long Kristen Scott Thomas gets out of prison for murdering her own child. The film whips along at an uncomfortable tick until, near the end, the film decides to explain the crime to the viewer. It makes the lead character more sympathetic, at the expense of the more interesting ambiguity about the rehabilitation of a long term prisoner.

Anything For Her also has its female lead incarcerated for murder, and it happens in a terrific scene at the start of the film, where the police storm her ordinary family life and everything changes. Three years later she is still in prison, her last appeal used up. Her husband decides to attempt a prison break for her. And then, the film explains what happened in the crime, and if she did it.


Metaneologicistical Edenmares

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So if a neologism is coined ever 98 minutes, say certain lexicographers, the English language will hit One Million Words TODAY! It surely behooves us at Freakytrigger to
a) pooh pooh this statistic
b) whilst at the same time coining the millionth word.

a) Actually the poohpoohing has already been done by The Guardian, the Guardianilists managing to elicitate this damninquote:

Professor David Crystal, professor of linguistics at Bangor University, called the idea “the biggest load of rubbish I’ve heard in years”. He said: “It is total nonsense. English reached 1 million words years ago. It’s like someone standing by the side of the road counting cars, and when they get to 1 million pronouncing that to be the millionth car in the world. It’s extraordinary.”

b) Well now that’s cleared up, what should that millionth word in English be.