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Jun 09

Casserole Science (With Built In Profit)

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Good old Tesco’s: Britain’s biggest and richest supermarket. Not only are they able to still eek out impressive profits in these dark financial days, but they also seem to be able to change the effect of microwaves upon metal. How else can we explain this wonderful cast iron Le Creuset casserole which also appears to be MICROWAVE SAFE. That’s Cast Iron + Microwaves.

Can any budding physicists tell me what they think would happen and if anyone has a microwave and a similar Le Creuset cast iron casserole dish they want to test it on please do. Else follow my three step plan to instant profit:


Hilbert’s Space

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“If you don’t know what a prime number is, you should leave now” – it says at the start of Fermat’s Room, Spanish maths-me-up-thriller. Which is true, as prime numbers are the most complex idea you need to know to understand any of Fermat’s Room – the other ideas being pretty kindergarten level. I guess realising that being a mathematician is no bar to being batshit, and coming up with ridiculous murder plans. Or at least stealing a plot from Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little {insert offensive epithet here}”. Indeed the maths is a bit of a let down. The plot is simple. Four people in a room, they have to solve maths puzzles sent to them by PDA within a minute or else the walls start moving in to crush them. Nevermind the engineering involved to do this seems to completely forget that if you push four walls at the same time, the walls will break, it also forgets that mathematicians are actually supposed to be good at maths.

But this is a film where a bloke thinks he’ll impress his girlfriend by solving the Goldbach Conjecture (namely that all even numbers are the sum of two primes). Anyway, spoilers follow…