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IPC Sub-Editors Dictate Our Nation’s Youth(‘s festival footwear)

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Graun journalist spends all day reading and fails to really read the glastowatch story she links to which shows a screencap from metcheck when it said that SEVERAL MILES of rain would fall per day, temperatures would top 2000°C and the wind would be over 1000mph….

Also Science dude in the original Times story is relatively reserved, basically there’s this weather pattern that happens kind of at the end of June, but really isn’t that predictable and it’s not really a real monsoon, really…

The forecast will DO ME FINE to be honest (it currently says no rain after monday night, overcast but reasonably warm all weekend)

Its Not Just Cricket, Its Maths!

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I cannot say I was over the moon when the Netherlands beat England in the opening game of the 20 20 World Cup.Clearly as a neutral it is great when a minnow beats a big gun, especially when said big gun is hosting the tournament. To win such a game at the “Home Of Cricket” is even more exceptional. However I am not a neutral, I want England to do well, and thus I could appreciate the excitement of the result, it felt horrible, we looked like we were going out.

Last night however, when England beat Pakistan comfortably I felt a little robbed of a close game.


REPOPULATE: Cliff Richard & The Shadows: The Young Ones

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Another commentless thread (it had loads back on Haloscan lost to electronic winds). But why not talk about Cliff, The Shadows, the movie, the sexless appeal of Cliff, the youth gone wild of the song and not about Rik Mayall.

Cliff Richard & The Shadows: The Young Ones

Beenleigh Blue (Cheesy Lover #3)

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Stats: Blue sheep’s milk cheese from Devon
From: Neal’s Yard Dairy

Testing conditions: I had this for lunch, on some seedy spelt bread, alongside a huge bowl of salad.

This cheese is fairly hard and and has a crumbly, slightly waxy texture when I cut into it. It looks pale – almost greenish – and hasn’t all that much veining.

Once in my mouth it’s spicy and peppery (although I have been eating rocket for lunch) and fruity; there’s a taste of raspberries, and maybe a hit of peach. It’s a fairly creamy cheese, and melts surprisingly quickly for something hard and crumbly. It tastes stronger and bluer than the pale and slight veining would indicate, stinging my throat slightly as I swallow it. There’s an almost cheddary tang to the edges of the cheese near the rind – a farmyard-ish bite.

It’s definitely more of a Stilton-ish blue than a gorgonzola-ish one – similar bite and bitterness so my theory is that it uses penicillium roqueforti rather than p. glaucum for the mould. (SCIENCE BIT: There are two sorts of blue cheese mould – roqueforti lives in roquefort and stilton, and glaucum in gorgonzola.) But although this cheese is a blue sheep’s milk one, it’s not anything like roquefort. Not as soft or moist, and not as salty.

I foisted nibbles on some colleagues, and their responses were:

D: ‘A very fine cheese.’
L: ‘whoa is good cheese man, strong taste but in the right direction! Could eat this all day’

Cheesy conclusion: A sensible cheese, this; it tastes strong but is not mentallist in either stench or taste.

Overcurry discussion the other night concluded that I need some sort of randomizing system for choosing my cheese. I am plotting something overcomplicated. Maybe involving DICE. Suggestions welcome!