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Jun 09

Shite At A Different Museum

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There is something about super-bloated big budget action comedies which attract me like a Big Brother fan to a copy of Heat. I know I won’t like them, but I sort of kinda have to see them. So Night At The Museum 2 (aka Night At The Museum : Battle Of The Smithsonian) was always going to get my custom, if just to see if the Ben Stiller mugathon will be as inventive as either the original or the average peasant in the dark ages. It just about passes that muster to be fitfully more entertaining than the original without being in any way memorable like its predecessor. Which is possibly just as well because it spends its first ten minutes dispatching much of the previous film.

What is interesting about many sequels is what happens when the original was not set up for a follow-up. Night At The Museum ended with our hero triumphant, having won back his son and with a potential love interest. Well the second one moves him on even further, a successful businessman he is too busy for his “friends” in the museum*.