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Jun 09

You Watch 12 Long Rounds and What Do You Get?

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Nearly two hours older having a watched a film deeply in debt (to the Die Hard films).

The (very short) reviews of Reny Harlin’s new actioner 12 Rounds sketch out the simple high concept. After catching an international terrorist, John Cena’s detective is subjected a year later to a “game” of 12 Rounds when the master criminal escapes from prison. It is worth noting however that the terrorist is not caught for a good twenty minutes, and when you realise how long some of the “rounds” are going to take you lose all of the will to live, much like if you were an innocent bystander in New Orleans in the way of this plot. Because on a scale of one to Katrina, the selfish acts taken by our hero Danny are certainly on the levee breaking side.

Rennie Harlin has made some lousy films, so the poster has to find one of the good ones to put on the poster. So they pick Die Hard 2, which is a touch unfortunate because 12 Rounds is basically Die Hard With A Vengence in New Orleans with a lead so thoroughly uncharismatic that you root for the baddie just to get it over with.