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May 09

Maria Larsson’s Neverlasting Moments

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Everlasting Moments is a film about photography. Its also a Angela’s Ashes-esque mopeathon set in 1910’s Sweden where an abusive husband knocks around his wife and seemingly endless number of kids in a two hours advert for hard times. Luckily the photography bits just about excuse the wifebeating bits (not morally, but artistically in the film) giving troubling context to the apparent artistic success of the photographer in question: Maria Larsson – the wife wot get beat.

Troubling in a number of ways. Its certainly not the first film to suggest that artistry comes out of personal pain. I wonder if people are scurrying back to their Van Gogh biographies at the moment to retrofit the lack of self harm in the ear mutilation and the intense jealousy of Gauguin. Maria Larsson takes a number of welts off her ne’erdowell alcoholic husband, but is this what gives her this photographic ability?