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May 09

sugar-spiced salmon, prawn-and-potato cakes, VERY QUICK TO MAKE

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mustard-powder(full menu: prawn-and-potato cakes, sugar-spiced salmon with “chinese” hot mustard, roast courgettes, sauteed leaks in balsamic vinegar)

(raspberries and chocolate cake and cream to follow)

The ask here was an easy-to-chew-and-swallow FANCY BIRTHDAY FEAST in nice rich flavours. Main prep time is 30 mins, but potatoes shd be semi-boiled a good deal earlier and let cool (an hour before you eat minimum; ideally a lot longer, so they can dry nicely).

A large frying pan or skillet; a griddlepan or non-stick frying pan; a large pan (possibly two but can use the same one twice); a roasting dish; various mixing bowls; a chopping surface and knife; something ideally to blend or mince the ingredients of the prawn-and-potato cakes.

Salmon steaks or fillets (c.500 gms for 3 adults)
Prawns (as many as you can possibly imagine a nice bunch)

Potatos (4 large or 8 small, suitable type to end up fried)*
Spring onions (about 8)
Coriander (to taste: i like a lot)
Dill (to taste: ditto)