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THE HUMAN LEAGUE – “Don’t You Want Me”

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#491, 12th December 1981

It’s almost a shame that after three years making records concerning sericulture, medieval time-slips, singles-as-singularities, assassinations, Judge Dredd, Dr Who and whatever the hell “Crow And A Baby” was about, the Human League get to #1 with a straightforward song of embittered romance. They maybe felt the same: “Don’t You Want Me” was the fourth single off Dare, released at the insistence of the label. Who of course were quite right.


The Power Of Metro!

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BLIMEY. I will be on Radio 2 at ten past six, talking to Chris Evans about Popular.

(I’ll delete this post after the event, so as not to clog up the front page. And I will get on which writing the next Popular entry, which is after all a great jumping-on point for new readers!)

More rubbish science

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I just read on the BBC’s site that there really are intelligent aliens. This article may represent the research accurately, but that just tells us that the ‘research’ is a bunch of people making up shit and feeding it into a computer and acting like the results mean anything. A few problems with assigning numbers to any of these things:

1. Almost all of the planets so far discovered around other stars are gas giants, though they are sure they have detected signs of a few rocky planets very recently. Applying Earth models for the appearance of life and evolution is meaningless in these totally different environments.

2. We don’t understand the origins of life anything like well enough to guess how typical our pace was – though complexity theory offers hugely promising models for this investigation.

3. We only have any comprehension of the pace of evolution on this planet. There is no reason whatsoever to think Earth is any sense typical or average of rocky planets – certainly the other three in this system are not at all similar.

4. We have almost no idea of how intelligence evolved, beyond the basic requirements for survival, as seen in many animals. This makes it pointless assigning figures to how likely it is to evolve.

As far as I can tell these people have taken guesses based on the tiniest sliver of evidence as to how common rocky planets are, and then said something that amounts to “if lots of them are like Earth, lots of them will be like Earth => hurrah, intelligent life abounds!”

By the way, if you don’t think the BBC article is dumb enough on its own, read the comments below it.

The Incredibles Journey

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So Bolt is a cute animal (Finding Nemo) with realistic fur (Monsters Inc) who is the star of a TV and believes the TV show is real (er – The Truman Show). His cute girl owner Penny (Inspector Gadget?) is also in the show, in which Bolt (Bolt) plays a superheroic dog (The Incredibles) who believes he really has super powers (Buzz Lightyear/Toy Story). However due to a mishap Bolt accidentally gets lost (Finding Nemo), needing to find his owner. Lost In New York (Home Alone 2: Lost In New York) he gets chatty with some pigeons (Valiant) who find him a cat (Aristocats) who is street smart to help him. Bolt still believes Penny has been kidnapped by the villain of the show and needs to escape from New York (Escape From New York), to get back to LA (Midnight Run), his home (The Incredible Journey). A picaresque adventure ensues (ALL LITERATURE EVER), interrupted by need for food (Ratatouille), the realities of how animals should behave (A Bugs Life) and how it is sad to be dumped by your owner (Toy Story 2 JESSIES SONG!!!). Somewhere along the line the travel by car (CARS). They pick up a hamster along the way (Hamstertouille).


How You Know You’ve Made It: pt 263

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popular-clippingYes, yes – we’ve been mentioned in the Guardian, the Independent and FHM(!), but you know you’ve actually made it when you are mentioned in the real actual PAPER OF RECORD. No not the Times, (actually I think we have already been mentioned in there too), who uses that Murdoch rag as the paper of record any more? That’s right, there was a short article on Popular in this morning Metro. On their “web and weird stuff” page The Ridiculant, just below the five days old late story on Christian Bale’s sweary rant. What do you mean you missed it. Something better to do on the bus? I tell you this’ll be a clipping for the ages.

Of course I had something better to do on the bus so – as you can tell – this clipping is from the electronic version of the Metro.

Who knew there was an electronic edition? Certainly if I miss my fix of made up celebrity gossip*, reheated News At Ten and Nemi / This Life in the morning I now know I can get it online here. It does however beg the question: they may suggest Tom is a tad obsessive for this project. But what is more worthwhile? Reviewing every UK number one, or ARCHIVING EVERY ELECTRONIC EDITION OF METRO EVER?

*How is The Green Room still going? Actually is the Green Room still going? I haven’t read a proper copy of Metro for years as my bus doesn’t start at a tube stop. Its very sad.