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Feb 09

10 Years Of Freaky Trigger: March-May 1999

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Three more links from the past – two of them never before reprinted! (possibly with good reason) If you want just the content and none of my reminiscing, go here.


Indie-Nesia: Slight Return

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As we are naval gazing here at FT, with our ten years celebrations, I though I would have a little trip through the related links on the sidebar. A magical mystery tour which took me to an article I wrote back in 2006 regarding the oddness of the physical location of our readers. Though the mystery of Indonesia was finally partially solved, the article Indie-nesia is still interesting.

More interesting is the final comment from andraaaaa

since the rise of aksara records, ffwd records and the such…the ‘indie scene’ in indonesian seems to be bigger (especially for kids 15 to 20something) than the mainstream itself

a group I made:

Well, I though, Indie-nesian radio here I come. And a gentle little Friday afternoon liveblog ensues.