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Nov 08

When Do We Get Her Out Of The Cranberries?

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OK. Her out of the Cranberries is not dead so this featured website will not be doing a portrait of her soon. But it is a lovingly curated site of what dead celebrities would look like as the undead: called “Portrait As Living Dead”. They all seemed much of a muchness until I started to flick down the list, and noticed a few who died violent or disfiguring deaths. So plane crash victims seem to lose a large amount of flesh, gunshot wounds do indeed remain (JFK) and of course : as you can see here – the Jayne Mansfield.

Any suggestions? It is I believe a French based site, which has a nicely political bent so some of the great and good assasination victims have popped up. I note they don’t seem to consider relative decomposition (JFK looks as fresh if not better than Aaliyah). But post Dead Set and Zombie Davina, are we really all that far away from a celeb impression filled zombie movie?

The Freaky Trigger Actual 38th Top Track Of All-Time As Chosen By You The Readers: BALTIMORA – Tarzan Boy

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Pop culture songs are tricky. Just look at that current Scouting For Girls song about James Bond. I am not cynical enough to say that Scouting For Girls have picked a release date just because Quantum Of Solace just came out. But some commentators might. Just as some people may note a match up between the release of Baltimora’s Tarzan Boy a few months after Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan mopefest was released. But this would again be a case of coincidence – as the jolly Eurodisco of Tarzan resembles in no way the dull Christopher Lambert starrer. To me Baltimora’s song was a much better match to the playful Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan season shown during the 1985 summer holidays. Us indoorsy kids not playing out in that balmy summer were not big time record buyers – so our Cheeta love alone could not be why punters in their droves snapped up this pop culture special – without it being a novelty single.

One of the things I always appreciated about Baltimora’s lyrics in Tarzan Boy is how little it really refers to Edgar Rice Burrough’s most lucrative creation.