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Oct 08

The Top 100 Tracks Of All Time: 38. ?

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Avid readers of Freaky Trigger will be aware that our intermittent at best feature, running down the “Top 100 Songs of all time as voted for in a pub in 2004”. And hopefully haven’t been holding their breath, because they’d be a Long Time Dead by now. Not a hint. So why have we been waiting for so long for this particualr entry. Why number 38?

Well let me show you behind the curtain. No, the list was not broken by Awesome Toys lesser known and not actually real (yet) Do The Fury Boogie. Instead the officially decided Number 38 sat there waiting to be written about. The usual writers looked at it and passed, not being particular fans. But that’s OK, we have an extended gang of people who would happily write about it, who must have voted for it. So we waited for them to write it. And it did not happen. Which can mean only one thing.

Punka – by Kenickie is not the thirty eighth best single of all time.


eDgY!!: “every yuppie’s fantasy”

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To celebrate our Popular feature reaching the 80s, here is an exciting NEW SERIES of Freaky Trigger posts where we look back at that decade through the lens of A Decade Of i-Deas: the encyclopaedia of the ’80s, published by i-D magazine in 1990. This is a fascinating book as it’s a great snapshot of a) what seemed to matter at the decade’s end and b) an early historical judgement on same. It gets things right as much as it gets things wrong: but in this FT series we’ll simply be printing excerpts and asking you, our readers, to identify who i-D are talking about. So without further ado, who’s THIS:

“Versed in Shakespeare, morose and obsessed with the past, she is every Yuppie’s fantasy – an intelligent female who can quote Sylvia Plath and appreciate the finer aesthetics of CD sound. Never-smiling and now 20 years old, she looks poised to become as big as her 60s mentors. Whether you like it or not, this is the new face of teenage Britain.”

Obviously if you have the book yourself, NO PEEKIN’.