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Oct 08

FERN KINNEY – “Together We Are Beautiful”

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#453, 15th March 1980

After “Atomic”, this is something of a let-down: a record about modesty that succeeds, modestly. I’m fond of “Together”, actually: there’s something refreshing about the candour of “I’ve been with better looking guys / You’ve been with prettier looking women”, and I like its rather tidy, bubbly take on disco. It’s a song that sets out to be sweet, and despite a somewhat cloying chorus it gets there. But ‘sweet’, in the middle of a landmark era for pop, isn’t really enough.

Pop Quiz – A Halloween Spine Tingler

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Woooo! Choose the three you are most afraid of:

  • Monsters (and super creeps) 49%
  • The Reaper 47%
  • (OR) I'm not scared! (Baby, I don't care) 35%
  • Thinking I could never live without you by my side (at first) 26%
  • A Black Planet 21%
  • Thunderbolts and lightning 19%
  • Kung-Fu Fighting 19%
  • The way you love me (like thunder, lightning) 16%

Total Voters: 43

Poll closes: 31 Oct 2008 @ 23:59

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