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THE SPECIALS – The Special AKA Live! (EP)

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#450, 2nd February 1980

The Specials are a nexus point in British pop, and it’s easy to see why they were so important to so many. They pick up on the thread of Britain’s love for Jamaican dance music and the skinhead culture of the early 70s. They’re another incarnation of Britpop’s Hamburg Ideal – bright, straight-talking lads honing their pop to an awesome no-bullshit sharpness. Their working model of collective, cross-racial collaboration has been an indirect blueprint for almost every mutation in the UK’s urban music scenes since. And by giving that concept a label – Two Tone – and tying their creativity so closely to the ferment of British street politics, the band moved from blueprint to inspiration. Like all bands, they were a roil of individual egos; like many, they fell apart too soon, but it would be tough to argue that the Specials were anything other than a Good Thing.


Sam Sparro Science Fiction

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There are two sort of science fiction films out int he cinema at the moment.The “Logan’s Run For Kiddies” romp City Of Ember, and the “Enemy Of The State meets Stealth by way of Foul Play for idiots” that is Eagle-Eye. City Of Ember is a superior entertainment, dealing with a deliberately vague post-apolacyptic world via Heath Robinson devices, and a world lit by ropey old fillament lightbulbs. You’d think what with the perilous supply of energy in an underground city, they would use Energy Saving Lightbulbs, but perhaps there is an issue with quality of light. It also means that like Eagle-Eye, its eternity and otherworldliness is predicated on the current favourite sci-fi theme: black and gold.