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Sep 08

A Popular Companion

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Like the pictures sleeves, this is something I wish I’d thought of doing aaaages ago, but instead it came to me in a flash tonight when this track showed up in the MP3 player.

A Popular Companion is an MP3 blog, of sorts, accompanying Popular: tracks related, closely or tangentially, to the one I’ve just written about. Ancestors conscious and unconscious, forgotten contemporaries, skewed tributes, piqued rivals, unjust obscurities: expect all sorts. I’ll be drawing liberally on the comments box crew’s expertise and suggestions as they emerge from the froth of discussion, so APC posts won’t accompany the original entries directly. And by all means send me MP3s for consideration!

(I also won’t tag APC entries as part of Popular – you’ll have to read the main FT site to get ’em).

Without further ado then, the track that sparked this thought: Family Fodder’s spiky song of equivocal postpunk lust for Blondie’s lead singer.

BLONDIE – “Heart Of Glass”

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#433, 3rd February 1979

Most of the great records we’ve encountered on Popular find modern-day imitators – but often these imitators aren’t bands I choose to listen to. If a thrusting young beat combo wants to make their own version of “Hot Love” then they have excellent taste, and I wish them every joy of it, but I’ll just sit that one out, ta. “Heart Of Glass”, though – and the rest of Blondie’s hits – are a blueprint for a lot of the pop records I’ve enjoyed most this decade: Ellis-Bextor, Annie, Richard X, Girls Aloud would all murder to have this in their back catalogue (by some kind of marrying-your-grandmother time paradox).