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The Top 100 Tracks Of All Time: 39. Awesome Toys – Do The Fury Boogie

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From the files of futurologist Al Ewing:
Fury Boogie

Originally released in March of 2014, ‘Do The Fury Boogie’ was the standout track on the Awesome Toys’ ‘difficult’ second album, How Dare You Say You Love Me When You’ve Taken The Only Parachute,which divided the fans on the issue of whether or not it was rubbish and, indeed, whether there weren’t more important things the band could have been doing, like being with their loved ones. It’s a mysterious song – Geberhart sings from the point of view of an albatross whom lonely mariners have taught to dance by the expedient of tying heavy mechanical parts to the tips of its wings, an odd little conceit that somehow works when Geberhart relays it in his croaking, ruptured monotone. It’s what Yellow Submarine might have sounded like had it been performed by a snail.