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Comics: A Beginner’s Guide: Alan Moore

The Brown Wedge5 comments • 1,562 views

Another person who deserves his own entry in this series is Alan Moore, surely the most award-laden writer in the history of comics, and one of the most influential.

He first came to prominence in the early ’80s in Britain, with two great stories in Warrior. Marvelman (later renamed Miracleman) was a ’50s Brit Captain Marvel (the Shazam one) knock-off, but Alan recreated him brilliantly, with beautiful and sharp Garry Leach art (ha, namedropping: I ate with Garry a couple of weeks ago) – Garry was followed by various other artists. V For Vendetta was even better, a lone anarchist against a repressive future fascist British state, a clear comment on Thatcher’s Britain. David Lloyd provided bold art almost reminiscent of woodcuts. This is the earliest of Moore’s works to be adapted for the screen – one of these days we might see a good movie based on one of them, but I’m not holding my breath.