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Jun 08

Comics: A Beginner’s Guide: Osamu Tezuka

The Brown Wedge6 comments • 848 views

Not exactly a style or genre, but this is one guy who is huge enough to need his own entry. In Japan he was called “the god of comics”, and his output and impact is unrivalled anywhere in the world. He produced over 150,000 pages in his life. There are lots of volumes translated into English by now (though only around a tenth of his total). He was a magnificent cartoonist, and his stories are profoundly humanist, even when he was writing about robots.

He’s best known internationally for Astro Boy, which he made into Japan’s first animated TV series (so he’s a giant figure in anime history too). This is aimed at a younger audience, but the inventiveness of the tales, their beautiful execution, and the strong exploration of ideas of what there is of worth in ideas of humanity makes them very enjoyable for adults too.