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Apr 08

Europop 2008: Group D – Russia 1 Spain 1

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Our last two teams take their bow in the second Group D game – two nations with big pop potential: can they realise it? Listen to the tracks, vote in the poll, then click below the cut for managerial comment, analysis, previews and match reports. SPECIAL NOTE: Since we haven’t found the Russian manager, thanks a lot to Jessica Popper for stepping in at short notice and giving us a track!

How to vote: Just pick the track you like best and vote in the poll below – this poll ends next Monday morning.

Russia v Spain: Which track do you prefer?

  • Russia: Oskar 59%
  • Spain: Camila 41%

Total Voters: 22

Poll closes: 14 Apr 2008 @ 10:00

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And you though Knitler was the most evil soft toy: what about the Daleknit

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So the internets have had a chance to watch the first episode of Season 4 of Doctor Who. And they all seem to be saying the following:
a) Catherine Tate wasn’t all that bad*
b) The episode was typical RTD sonic screwdriver fannydangle
c) ROSE!!!
d) BBC marketing genius soft toy for Christmas Adipose fat monsters.

Little has been made of the actual plot being really rather benevolent, in that the diet scheme would have lost a lot of people lots of weight with not apparent side effects at all until the Doctor and Donna (henceforth known as D&D) mucked it all up. Still back to the cute waving Adipose. You can’t buy them in stores, but you can get them for a fiver on Ebay. Or at least a knitted version that looks something like it. Here’s another one found on Flickr, which is considerably cheaper if you know Chemistry: