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Apr 08

Ghostt – “Number One Fan”

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The era of the Google-ready band name continues.

JOHNNY NASH – “Tears On My Pillow”

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#373, 12th July 1975

Less pillow, more comfort blanket, this gentle, stringsified reggae lope starts with a promise of heartbreak – that bowed and broken intro – which the lyrics might keep but the music doesn’t. It’s not that reggae songs can’t be sad, but ones as jauntily and lightly played as this would find it difficult: the rhythm here is lending Nash strength, not underpinning his sorrow. It may not carry much emotional punch, but “Tears On My Pillow” is perfectly acceptable pop – a strong melody, well-sung. The only duff moment is the spoken word mumble in the middle – one of the least committed I’ve ever heard.

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 18

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Freaky the Trigger and Her Pop Lollards round off their run with a final show whose contents will come as no surprise to those with a keen sense of the Lollardry ethos. It’s a clip show, in other words. Kind of. Tim, Meg, Steve, Tom, Elisha, Mark, Magnus and Pete test the physical limits of the studio — this is science, after all — by all crowding round the mixing desk. The missing link between King Arthur’s round table and Jay-Z. “How We Do” by Trina feat. Fabolous (not the other way around). And on it goes. Until it stops.