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Mar 08

A Layperson’s Guide To Four-Colour Fun

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What with one thing and another I’ve rather fallen behind in my comic reading, so I took the opportunity recently to catch up on a bunch of Marvel and DC stuff, reading a year or so’s worth at a time. Here’s what I thought – naturally with plenty of spoilers as this post is designed to give people who don’t read comics an idea of what they are missing.


Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Nappy Club Rash

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Whilst I don’t really give an Osakan monkeys that Billy Corgan has got his knickers in a twist over his record label permitting the Smashing Bumpkins to be used in promotional material for Pepsi and Amazon without permission, the real boggler is from the “… and finally” at the bottom, concerning use of the Beatles tracks for advertising… after years and years of blanket refusal to allow their tracks to be used for promotional purposes, when they FINALLY decide to relent, who would you imagine would snap them up as their first client? Well…

“This year Sony/ATV, which owns the publishing rights to the Beatles catalogue, said it would license their tracks. The first deal was with a US nappy brand to use the line All You Need is Luvs. It does not need to consult the surviving Beatles but said it felt a “moral obligation” to do so.”

Methinks Jacobs Creek are missing a trick here – come on guys – “Ticket To Wine” is up for grabs!

Europop 2008: Group C – France 1 Romania 1

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Our first Group C match features a giant of the European pop game up against a relative newcomer. Play or download the songs right here and click below the cut for polls, managerial comment, analysis and previews!