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Da Boogie Boys – “Audiotonique”

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(picture may not be of actual boogie boys)

PLAN (199)9

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Freaky Trigger is nine years old today – while sifting through the archives to update our featured content section (and work out what is missing), I came across this, my unmanifesto written the day before we launched back in 1999. Have a look, find out if we’ve stuck to our guns, and then forward into the FUTURE (see below)!


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as1.jpgLollards is winding down — last show tonight! — but dry yr eyes and defuzz yr lesser thoracic palps bcz we have EXCITING NEWS for our LOYAL LISTENERS, viz 1 x new eight-week series on Resonance FM 104.4 starting next Tuesday, 1 April 10-11pm.


A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou will delve deep into the science fiction short stories of SF’s Golden and Silver Ages. The pulp and avant-garde writing of c.1935-65 has fallen out of public memory; hosts ELISHA SESSIONS and MARK SINKER and their astounding guests* will return to this forgotten motherlode, once bedrock of the entire field. Eli will read evocative extracts, then quiz Mark and guest on authors, styles, subtexts sexual and political, technique, value, impact and legacy, plus changing fashions and meanings in backdrop, tech and alien allure — and anything else that pops into their pulsating crystalline brain-lobes.

THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! hurrah so we will announce the story in advance, and you can read it if you like.

Episode one:
Extracts from John W. Campbell’s 1938 classic novella WHO GOES THERE?
Guest = “Starry” Sarah Clarke, Hegemon Ambassadrix of the Nebuline Dark-Matter Cluster J-Pop 9

Sluggards are go! You can hear Episode 1 now, or keep up to date with all the episodes on the Slug of Time page.

*viz Fellow Lollards and more: fans, experts, creators, backroom boffins, visitors and elder beings overground AND underground, squamous AND unnameable…

Wagamama goes breakfast

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::: NOTE NOTE NOTE::: apologies for being a breakfasttease but apparently this menu is only on until March 30 2008 so if you want your full English breakfast soba noodles, get in there quickly!! ::: END NOTE END NOTE END NOTE:::

We note that Wagamama (on London’s Trendy Wigmore Street only for the timebeing) has commenced a new breakfast menu (pdf)! Your standard smoothies are still there, but what is this I see? Allow me to extract a few portions that drew my attn in particular…

breakfast yaki soba £5.50
teppan fried soba noodles with egg, smoked streaky bacon,
savoy cabbage, mushrooms and fresh chopped tomatoes (ed thinks: …. …. ….ed does not even KNOW)

wagamama kedgeree £5.50

a blend of sticky rice, naturally smoked haddock, spring onion and a
soft boiled egg bound in a curry sauce (ed thinks: haddock? curry sauce?? BREAKFAST?? BLEEE!!!)

okonomiyaki £4.95
a traditional japanese style omelette filled with red and green peppers,
savoy and white cabbage and mushrooms topped with
katsuobushi (dried tuna fish shavings) and aonori (seaweed)(ed thinks: b-b-b-but… where will they COOK it?)

asa gohan v £3.95
a traditional japanese breakfast of sticky rice, miso soup and pickles
can also be ordered with grilled salmon (ed thinks: frankly I have sort of been of the opinion that whenever people claim this is a traditional japanese breakfast they are just taking the mickey out of me as in every single dorama I watch everyone is ALWAYS having either toast or cereal and I have not yet seen one single breakfast scene featuring rice, soup or pickles – not even in Gokusen(2) – bluddy kids?? Someone who has actually been actual Japan, not just telly Japan can probably inform me whether this is GENERALLY the case or not- please?)

They will also do you toast, pastries, a regular “full english”, scrambled eggs, coffee etc… but frankly in for a fusion penny in for a fusion couple of yen, am I right?