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Mar 08

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 16

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Lost in Trance-Nation: Mark leads the way with Alix, Alan, Meg and Steve on Knobs.

Hammering tongues – is Cornish past-it? Pit Er Pat ‘Pyramids’. Lost in mazes, shops and computer games. Presets “Down Down Down”. Sporting rituals to ward off losing, and music to lose by, in which The Lollards finally play some Cast. This week’s midweek download #1 is Connie Francis “If It Takes Forever”

S4C Makes Me Want To… Cheat At Countdown

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Of course, the best thing about S4C whilst I was growing up in the north-west was getting to watch Countdown on poorly tuned S4C in the telly in my room, then trotting downstairs to where my parents were watching English Channel 4 in the living room – which happily, broadcast Countdown an hour later than S4C – and WOWING! my parents with my wordplay skills. I even fooled myself that they hadn’t sussed my little game for at least two episodes.

Then I realised I was only cheating myself…

Anyway – my point is, there’s nothing sad about remembering Ankst compilation “S4C Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack” so shut up rude Lollards – yes, it was me who texted in, and I’m not ashamed!! Well, of the Catatonia perhaps, bleeergh. The Rheinhallt H Rowlands track, however, is CLASSIC. Or, as they don’t say in Welsh – clyssych.

Fixkes – “Kvraagetaan”

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Flemish chart record-breaker!