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Mar 08

Islands – “Volcanoes”

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Canadian indie-rock

Europop 2008: I Should Coco

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If you are the commenter known as COCO, who asked to play in Europop 2008 and was given PORTUGAL, can you send your email to ASAP confirming you still want to join in – we need a track for your opening game next week.

Everyone else – anticipation is HOTTING UP for this festival of pop – join us on Monday for the opening game, hosts Switzerland against Pop World Cup heroes Czech Republic. The Czechs are being managed by the former Swiss boss, to the astonishment of fans who remember his Electroclash tactics in the PWC: “All he could think of was getting the ball out to our icy-voiced winger – her languid Teutonic crosses lacked imagination to say the least.” Are they happier with their new boss? “We’re not sure – we were hoping for a recall for Dieter Meier but the press are saying he’s been fishing around in the MySpace leagues.” It could be an intriguing contest.

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 15

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This week we’re privy to a ‘drinking establishment focus group’. Tom leads, Tim, Pete, Sarah
and Magnus follow. Drinking songs as a chaser.