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Mar 08

Gary Gygax 1938–2008 RIP

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AP story on “Gary Gygax died this morning at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin”

Yes, he’s failed that final saving throw and the Official D’n’D site has a black front page today.

Scritti Politti ft Sweetie Irie – “Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me”

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“Green…STEP UP!”

Our Year Of Agatha Christie Covers: 1: Death In The Clouds

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A brand new series in the grand tradition of the Top 100 Singles, the Periodic Table Of Pop and the Top 25 Brands. But this one doesn’t require much in the way of writing, and a pace of one a week should be simple. And we should be able to rustle up fifty two of them. In honour of Starry Sarah’s Fontana edition of Destination Unknown, with the most psychedelic cover of a book I have seen in years. Well I haven’t scanned it yet, and can’t find it on the web – but I did find this one for Death in the Sky.

Which you have to admit is pretty scary (click thru for abject terror).