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Feb 08

BRANDWATCH: Twix Fits! In A Milkshake?

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Aahh, the wacky gang at Mars. Is there no craven brand extension they will not try? I thought post Bisc& they had dialled down the rampant dilution of their brands. And dilute is indeed what they have done now with the somewhat uncalled for TWIX & M&M SHAKES.. Mars apparently wants to invent a new snacking category, namely Dessert Drinks. So for your £1.50 you get a thick shake (caramel in Twix, chocolate for M&Ms), a straw and some – er – bits. The bits being either mini-Twixs for dipping or mini M&Ms for you to presumable choke on when one goes whizzing up the straw and straight into your oesophagus.


Feb 08


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11. SL2 – On A Ragga Tip

Last week, I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not to play ‘On A Ragga Tip’ during my set at a certain excellent clubnight this Saturday.


Jumper: Its All About The Clothes

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There are, and indeed have been, many reasons to criticise the film Jumper. Most have centred around it not being all that good. Which is I suppose a fair criticism and one which tries to level out some form of objectivity in a notoriously subjective discipline. The catch all sum of its flaws (listed below) does create a cloud of stinkiness which results in you leaving the film feeling that things were not as they should be. The plus point is the film is over in 88 minutes, which really is going to make it safe from being in the bottom ten next year. But here are a few of its flaws:

-Unsympathetic lead character
-Unmotivated bad guy
-Confusing special effects
-Jamie Bell bizarre accent
-An Expedia eye view of the world
-Bizarre unfleshed out parental plot (for not demanded sequel)


Feb 08

POP OPEN: Week 231

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Tracks 7 and 8 are in competition against one another, as are tracks 9 and 10. No reveals in the comments box please! 

Feb 08

DJ Scoobie – “King Bass Head (Dope Dog Mix)”

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None of that hardcore ecstasy with LSI on it mate.

Feb 08


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#367, 8th March 1975

Bread’s closing vision of cosmic apocalypse is curious enough to begin with and becomes frankly sinister in Telly’s hands: “and when the world was through…MMMMMM.” Savalas as the angel of death: a terrifying and somehow believable prospect. As for the rest of this, Tel’s burnished tones suit the gloopy material well and the record has an oddly narcotic effect – anyone who’s encountered a self-hypnosis tape will be familiar with this ‘genre’ though when the spell is broken I’m more than happy to hear almost anything else.

Sara Paxton – “Take A Walk”

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Bonus track from nu teenpop debut.

Europop 2008: A Freaky Trigger Event

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In 2006, in tandem with the FIFA World Cup, the Poptimists community on LiveJournal ran the Pop World Cup game, and a great success it was too.

This year, of course, it’s Euro 2008. I have just been reading up on the two mascots, Trix and Flix, and on the official Euro 2008 Slogan, “Expect Emotions”. So clearly it’s time to do it all over again with Europop 2008, which this time will run on Freaky Trigger – meaning Poptimists won’t be clogged up with posts about the game and meaning we might get an even wider voting and playing base. Our slogan? EXPECT EMO.

But just what is this game, anyway? It’s very simple:


Feb 08

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 13

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In a field of their own: Magnus, Katie and Ewings Tom and Al.

A song of two halves. The RAH Band’s terrific ‘Clouds Across The Moon’. Marvel’s stock aliens. Ellen Allien’s ‘Wish’. Tolkien’s footling theories on the essence of Fairy Story. Fleet Foxes sing. “Aslan” magazine and improv RPGs.

With a twist – GASP. The midweek number 1 is Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. OR IS IT?

STEVE HARLEY AND COCKNEY REBEL – “Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)”

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#366, 22nd February 1975

Luckily, no one ever said pop stars had to be likeable: Steve Harley spends his four minutes of real stardom on an extended, bitter, glorious great sneer: whether he’s lashing out at ex bandmates, an ex lover, a current lover, the world, himself doesn’t really matter. The song’s built on pauses – between verses, between words – which coat its very real prettiness with a grease of spite, making the dancers stop dancing, the karaoke singers catch a breath, making sure Harley stays in perfect obsessive control of the record. But because “Make Me Smile” is such a great tune it has a jaunty use-value anyway – which extends Harley’s sneer onto the dum-dums who think this is romantic. (My sympathy, as usual, is with the dum-dums, even though for once their misreading doesn’t improve the song).

“Make Me Smile” could overheat – stuffed as it is with different hooks and topped with a smothering organ line – but it still has a slicing force and clarity, thanks to Harley’s outstanding performance. Two highlights, almost at random: his epically curdled “Mother – EEUUURTH”, and the contrasting wistful vulnerability on the chorus’ “I’ll do what you want” – somewhere inside, maybe he still wishes that was true.