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Dolly Parton – “Drives Me Crazy”

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“Good to listen to back-to-back with some up-n-coming young starlets”

that resonance fm time machine in full

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Click on this tantalizing thumbnail for a full schematic. (Credit goes to

For more on how this wormhole faff works, you know what to do. Just click here.

Blackbeard Blog

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I have started a new blog – separate from Freaky Trigger because it’s more about the kind of things I think about in my day job: market research, marketing, branding, etc. However it’s intended for people interested in those things rather than exclusively for the poor sods like me who work in them. The post below this one, about EMI, is taken from it.

It needs – and will get – a much snappier design.

Hands in the air like you don’t care

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One of my ongoing dream projects is to do some research exploring possible links between the generation who lived through punk in the 1970s, with its apparent ideal of radical change, and the way radical business change has become a kind of ideology in business in the 00s: the seduction of being the changemaker, the Strummer or Rotten in your own boardroom.

Because change is seductive – and because I’m a pop fan – I have a strange fascination with the travails of Guy Hands, EMI owner and venture capitalist who is shaking up the UK music giant: his latest scheme being to take power away from A&R and “back to the suits”


Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 14

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Time Team: Eli, Mark, Kat and Katie.

Something has happened to Tanya. Making haste to chase lollards reach… 2007. And run amok. But what of free-will, butterflies (and Ashton Kutchner)? Arthur and You’s “Black Bear” retro stylings. Mark lives for the moment, and internet flash games. But what if you could go back in time and kill Hitler and CarSmile Steve? Crystal Waters “I Believe I Love Ya” and the fate of “one hun dred percent, puuure love”. Kat’s memory plays tricks on her. Our midweek number 1 is Sunshine Anderson “Heard It All Before”

All this has happened before.

And will happen again.