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Comic writers, artists, and Ultimate Spider-Man volume 2

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When I was a kid, I paid less attention to writers than to artists – the latter are easier to notice, I guess. Also, not only did the Lee-Kirby comics look spectacularly exciting, they were great stories too, and Stan Lee didn’t seem to write such terrific tales with most other artists, Spider-Man with Ditko excepted. I didn’t realise until much later that Kirby was also doing most of the writing on the comics he drew. Anyway, my interests changed over the years. My friends have been discussing Steve Gerber a lot lately, since he died a couple of days ago. For a lot of us, he was the first person who made us follow a writer – he’s still one of my three all-time favourites. More recently we’ve had Moore, Morrison, Millar, and these are the people whose work I look for – I can’t recall the last artist (who wasn’t also a writer) that I had any interest in following.

Trouble is, comics aren’t just, or even mainly, a writer’s medium.


Natalia y la Forquetina – “Con las Hojas las Hormigas”

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Brazilian pop meets US indie!

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