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Feb 08

Showcase Presents Enemy Ace by Bob Kanigher, Joe Kubert & others

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a Kubert Enemy Ace page(I’ve written notes on this series before – 500+ pages of reprints of old comics for around £11. First batch of volumes / Second batch. This volume came out today.)

I think this is my favourite continuing war series ever – the sustained intensity and quality of his early appearances seem to me to be unmatched. It was an original series in a way – making a German the ‘hero’ of a war story in 1965 was rather daring; but the stories are kind of formulaic. I could argue for the repetitions as motifs, and they are, but the stories are much the same. The details of his WWI air battles are superbly worked out and varied, but we tend to get the same scenes in each tale – saluting the valiant enemy as he crashes, showing his own fatalism (“The sky is friend to no man – friend or foe alike. Tomorrow – I will give it another chance at me.”), taking a break to hunt in the forest and meet his only friend, a lone black wolf, enduring the chatter of his orderly about his latest kill trophies, hearing fellow pilots muttering fearfully about him being “the hammer of hell” and “a human killing machine”. But these are strong repetitions, of course, a recipe for an utterly compelling character. On top of that, Kanigher does give us an idea, a theme, a story each time, not simply another battle, another victory.


Avenged Sevenfold – “Lost”

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“Tough metal guys go Cher”

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Post-Loll: When Somebody Loved Me

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Follow up to last nights Lollards. It is difficult to describe the horror of something visual on the radio. My dislike for the Randy Newman penned, Sarah MacLachlin sung “When Somebody Loved Me” from Toy Story 2 is less about the song itself, but rather its role in the film. So here is an in context clip for you:

In particular look at the deathlike glassy mask on Jessie’s face when Emily is playing with her on the horse.CREEPY! Now clearly I have more ontological issues with this than the average eight year-old kid, but nevertheless even taken as it is within the film the subtext of this song is appalling.