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Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 12

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Mostly Moomins and Kid Lit with Sarah, Dr Vick/Quack, Tom, Pete and Steve on the knobs.

Moomins animation (v Roland Rat v He Man). What is the comet? Unease and a-moralising kids books. Ed Gorey. Position Normal – “Nostrils and Eyes”. Tom calls “Uncle” and the “New Mother”. Toy Story II and The Saddest Song in the World. It is. Closing remarks. Midweek number 1 is Man 2 Man?

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dnd babyWhen Geeks Have Children
Saving throw vs teething now

Freaky Trigger & The Moomins of Pop – 13 February

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Tonight leading Moomin academic Dr Vick, Tom Ewing and Pete Baran, corralled into brilliance by the Atommick Brane herself halloo the return of the kid-lit husband list! (Ms Puddleduck come on down!) (PuddleDUMB more like!) We’ll tackle Tove Jansson, Raymond Briggs, Uncle (<— the Elephant in the Castle!) (he has a B.A.!), the general disjunction between morals and quality in children’s art and the horrific not-so-SUBtext of Toy Story II. Plus something SO SCARY even Beaver Hateman and Knobsman Carsmile will tremble in fear. Tune in and find out for yourself! 7pm GMT, 104.4 Resonance FM, online at and follow-ups at, wild surmise to

The New Phoo Avengers And Friends

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BBC Three relaunched last night. Why exactly February the 12th was chosen for this auspicious debut I have no idea, except to note it was a pretty dead night on every other channel. Even Channel 4 didn’t counter-programme Skins against Phoo Action or roll out Charlie Church to battle Lily Allen & Friends. And since I am guessing no-one watched any of it, lets do a quick round up from speeding through iPlayer.

Barely trailed day-glo live action Jamie Hewlett comic adaptation which coupled timid kung fu action hero Terry Phoo with surly teen Whitey Action in a way you can completely imagine if you have ever read a Jamie Hewlett strip. The entire production appeared to cost the same as those flashing lights on the van in Torchwood, and therefore some of the attempts to create live-action versions of Hewlett’s creations looked a bit cheap. BUT THAT’S OK


Fleet Foxes – “English House”

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Folksy, curiously charming indiepop.

Verdict: 6.5 (12 votes, sd 1.0)

What Is The “Podcast Panel”?

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You may have noticed an unexplained sidebar on Freaky Trigger – the “Podcast Panel”. A brief explanation is in order:

The Poptimism Podcasts are changing format, and the new idea is that every day, members of the Poptimists community on LiveJournal will vote on an MP3 – the highest-ranked forming the spine of new Podcasts. The most recent MP3 posted, though, will be streamable for a day on Freaky Trigger – hence the sidebar on the right. Currently that MP3 is an old Trina track, but it will change on a regular basis. Readers of FT have no obligation to vote, or have anything to do with LiveJournal – they can just enjoy the music!

Clear-Line Criticism: Douglas Wolk’s “Reading Comics”

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Reading ComicsBetween Douglas Wolk’s Reading Comics arriving in the post and my sitting down to read it, two things happened. First of all, my wife picked it up, flicked through, then settled down and read a few pages, before putting it down and pronouncing, “That is excellent writing.” Isabel doesn’t read comics but she appreciates – and constantly pushes me towards – the kind of clear, knowledgeable but informal style Wolk handles expertly. The major part of Reading Comics – the second half, with Wolk’s specific explorations of creators he more or less admires – is like an enthusiastic chat with a smart friend: you feel like he’s passing you the comics, not just recommending them. Since this was how I got into comics in the first place, I felt very comfortable with it.

The second thing that happened was that I read the outrageously unfair review of Reading Comics in The Comics Journal, which mostly focussed on the book’s (untypically hyperbolic) cover blurb.


Nim Nim Nom Nom Nom

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inside-crazyfrogI love Vietnamese food. The perfect blend of far eastern spices and flavours, and French culinary know-how. Admittedly blended through a few hundred years of colonialism, but hey you don’t just leave the baby lying there when you’ve thrown it out with the bathwater. So anyway, on Saturday we popped in to Cay Tre, on Old Street, which is probably one of the more esoteric Vietnamese restaurant in London (ie its menu has a few dishes you won’t normally get here – and are trickier to serve). This review from Jay Rayner covers many of the dishes we had, and some I usually have (the La Vong fish is a favourite I didn’t have because Billy Childish and his daughter Tilly Childish sitting next to us would have been inconvenienced). The starters listed are very impressive, but one which always raises a smile but never ordered is the Wicked Crispy Fog. Which turns out to be spicy battered frogs legs.