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Feb 08

Best Before

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This afternoon the mindreading goblins who decide which ad goes at the top of yer Gmail ceased their Cougar obsession for long enough to point me to a site called “Openanduseb4”. This turned out to be a place which sells pre-printed labels which you can put on things you’ve opened so you don’t forget to use them before they go off. I am of course a great fan of entrepreneurial innovations but it does strike me that in this case the basic idea is really quite replicable to, well, anyone with stickers and a pen.

But really I was just annoyed because of what I hoped the site was: a food science exploration into whether or not a given use-by date actually means it.


PILOT – “January”

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#365, 1st February 1975

Well, first of all, love the intro and instrumental hook – glam guitars arcing over the track like a Red Arrows flypast – but then? The chorus of “January” seems feeble in contrast, with follow-the-bouncing-ball phrasing not exactly helping. So what we have here is a battle of the hooks – one huge, promising a much more expansive track than the mopey shrug the other settles for. I can buy that – he’s tongue-tied as his girl’s leaving, and the skyscraping bits are how he really feels – but this is still an annoyingly lopsided piece of pop.

Ivanushki International – “Gde Ti”

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In Soviet Russia, boyband forms you.

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