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Feb 08

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 11

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Sorry excuses and polite engineering. With Alix, Sarah, Magnus and Rob.

A husband list update. Moloko ‘Sorry’, eventually. Polite vampires and ghosts. Insults from Hergé and Rabelais. Politeness is bad for Magnus. Some song, possibly Abba. Shrigley ‘My Beer’. Expensive booze. Star Turn On 45 Pints ‘Pump Up The Bitter’. All consuming petty irritations make you… bitter. Another song. Recipe gripes. The midweek number 1 is Marnie Stern ‘Patterns on a Diamond Ceiling’

pancake fillings OF THE FUTURE

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pancakesa scientific report

the project: to road-test some of the fillings people have (incomprehensibly) not yet adopted

the fillings of the future:
i: mushrooms fried in pumpkin seed butter, with garlic oil and red wine
ii: fried bacon and date syrop
iii: chopped avocado and marmite
iv: spinach and ginger syrop
v: ham and gentleman’s relish
vi: brie and japanese plum sauce
vii: grated carrot and cinnamon


Things We Fired Watching Lost

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It surprised me to realize that I have seen most of Susanne Bier’s recent films – considering I don’t see an awful lot of Dutch movies. Nevertheless Brothers and After The Wedding had marked her out as a serious talent, and so I was tentatively looking forward to Things We Lost in The Fire. Tentatively because it has being marked as a “recovering from grief” film coupled with a “rehab” film. And neither of these Hallmark movie of the week subjects really appeal to me. My tentativity was mildly justified.

There is a sequence in the middle of What We Lost In The Fire where the eldest daughter of murdered David Duchovny asked Benicio Del Toro’s recovering smack habit the following:
“Do you ever feel like you’re living in a movie?”