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Silver Bullet – “20 Seconds To Comply”

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silver20.jpgRobocop-themed UK rap hit (it almost went top 10!)

Verdict:7.1 (17 votes, sd 1.2)

Twelve Inches of Loveliness

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Maura has linked to this guy a couple of times recently, but i make no apology for linking to him on here too. DUDES! 12″ remixes of all yr 80s and 90s favourites! Dub mix of Magic Dance! Extended mix of (Forever) Live and Die, ripped from the original vinyl!!
Also, rather buff gentleman’s six pack on the blog, there…

IHM Lyric Watch – Robyn: Be Mine

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be-mine.jpgI have already catalogued the extreme and somewhat unpleasant transformation of Robyn from novelty frog chart act to novelty Swedish pop star here. But it has been brought to my attention that even though she can be ridiculed for her po-faced personality, blonde Hitler haircut and a wardrobe which has at least two DIFFERENT hot-dog costumes in it, her lyrics are even more disturbing. Take recent mope-a-long a disco-beat* track Be Mine.

EXHIBIT A: ‘Cause you never were, and you never will be mine
No, you never were, and you never will be mine

How sure can she be that said object of her affection NEVER will be hers? Remember, she is an international pop star now and to some people this fact, and any handy financial change which comes out of it, may counter their dislike for a lady who looks like her face is made of latex. Clearly Robyn has either the ability to see into the future, or has put out a contract on said beau. Unless there can be another reason. To whit, M’Lud I bring you Exhibit B.

EXHIBIT B: I saw you at the station,
You had your arm around what’s-her-name
She had on that scarf I gave you
And you got down to tie her laces


you can’t have grated parmesan w/o GRATE

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3-4 fennel bulbs
2oz butter ( = quarter of a butter)
1 x cup double cream (use the whole cup-sized carton)
6 oz parmesan (this is abt 3/4 of the slice you generally get)
Pork loin chops

a: grate the parmesan
b: meanwhile heat oven to gas mark 6-ish, 350°F, 175°C
c: slice the fennel (top and tail, then quarter vertically)
d: place fennel in large oven-proof dish, dot with butter, float in cream, smother in parmesan (but keep abt 1/3 back for later), grind fresh pepper on top — ideally it should all be packed in there


Junior Spesh – Red Hot Entertainment

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Because we’ve been talking about this all over Poptimists and at Poptimism, and it needs its own Freaky Trigger mention for sheer grime/chicken amazingness….

AH! The embedding isn’t working so youtube link to Junior Spesh instead!


WTF who pays 20p extra for mayonnaise?