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By The Way, Which One’s Pink?

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Enormous thanks to Stainless Steve Mannion and Affable Alan Trewartha for designing the site and sorting out the back-end stuff. I personally think the place has never looked better (except for “Cure Week” back in 2001 maybe).

There are actually subtle new content features as well as the needed lick of paint. Scroll a little way down and you’ll see a random archive post or two popping up as a way of drawing attention to some of our best old stuff. Look to the right and there’s a new feed with diverting links. Starting next week there’ll be a new music feature linking up with the Poptimists community, and there’s more editorial stuff coming up in 2008 as we ramble on towards the 10th birthday celebrations next March.

Vampire Weekend

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Vampire WeekendBetter than “Some Foals”. Andy Kershaw probably LOVES them too.

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Lost Season 4DUDES! L O S T! Season 4!
OMGZZZ I am so hyped!!!!1eleven and YOU are wrong for thinking it’s anything but amazing

THE TYMES – “Ms. Grace”

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#364, 25th January 1975

The billowing harmonies and full-service orchestration on “Ms Grace” are half a bluff, with the doo-be-doo-be backing vocals telling a truer story. This is an old-fashioned song of devotion, the modish mid-70s “Ms” the only real nod to modernity by a band enjoying a commercial indian summer after more than a decade of work. The collective protagonist may not even have “Lady Grace” yet but he doesn’t care: her presence is enough and more. This is feelgood, stress-free soul music, each singer stepping respectfully up for his turn, none of them muscling out the others. It’s restful, for all its liveliness.

IHM Lyric Watch- Kate’n’Ash – Foundations

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katnash.jpgArtistic collaborations are a bit of a mixed bag for me. Clearly Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney making Say Say Say was a black day in my book (though not as black as it might have been in the seventies), BUT it did mean that there were not two separate solo Jackson and McCartney slabs of torture on the shelves. That said when two musical acts collaborate the result can often be exponentially worse than just their ordinary solo output. Think of the collaboration between Queen, David Bowie and Vanilla Ice to see what I mean.

That said even I was surprised to discover that prog pop, washing machine orgasming, all-round musical loony Kate Bush had decided to collaborate with ten year old band Ash (that is the age of the members of Ash). It did not seem to fit her usual method of evil operation, collaborating with a pop-punk band. But I suppose when Charlotte Hatherley left there was a hole for a nusto lady, and Ash got the whole Snickers. Which may explain why their work as a band sounds absolutely nothing like either Kate Bush’s solo work or Ash’s yawnomatic punky workouts (how can you really be a pop punk group with a fat drummer anyway).


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4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Don’t go for the laffs, but the best piece of narrative cinema I’ve seen in seven years.