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Jan 08

unholy substitutes for muzak: #1&2 (my local) pret and (my local) somerfield

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ok my local pret — the one in angel — generally plays reasonably demanding jazz (ie hard bop mostly not “smooth”): this seems to me quite a daring move, given that (surely?) more ppl willingly dislike jazz than like it? (at least to me hard bop always seems like a music most people don’t listen to in a background-y don’t-mind-either-way kind of a way?)

as for somerfield: before xmas i found i was strangely heartened that they were playing “best of elton john” (the “future of rock’n’roll” ©j.lennon c.1970?) on endless loop — i don’t know why i wz pleased, it just suited my mood always to be surprised at this… however today it was “once in an lifetime” from tolkien and his headzes’ remains and lights LP, which surely means simon reynolds’s work is done here!

Post-Loll: Obama Girl and Charlton Lido’s “This Is A Company Town”

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For those of you who want more on some of last nights subjects, first from the website Barely Political comes the video for I’ve Got A Crush On Obama by Obama Girl.

Its OK, we appear to be about six months behind the curve on that one. Also check out the Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl track for an example of the right way to extend a one track joke (Giuliani Girl has a great voice).

And as promised, the whole of Charlton Lido’s This Is A Company Town, featuring two bits of Charles Title’s the Eight Seasons of Chromalox (all of which can be heard here) and much much more. I think this mix is terrific, half curatorial skill and half sonic expertise.