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Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 7

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International Pop, with Sarah Clarke, Kat Stevens, Tom Ewing, Magnus Anderson and Elisha Sessions on knobs.

“Ha Ha” (?) mucky foreign pop. The “Game of Seduction” requires you to make a seduction roll. The Spanish for ‘busted’. Threads vs the cosy apocalypse Inc. Stump v Scooter. The rules of dirty chicken. Fall go “Free Range”.

WARNING: contains swears!

Paul Morley, what is he good for?

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art.jpgPop, What Is It Good For (BBC4, last night) was kind of the centrepiece of BBC4’s Giant Month O’ Pop and it was a rather interesting beast. Obviously an hour of Morley expounding on music is unlikely to be a bad thing, he’s one of the few journos who can really do public speaking in the same way he writes and only seem slightly ludicrous, but, certainly for anyone who read Words and Music, there was little new. I got the feeling that we weren’t the core audience though, that it was aimed at people who hadn’t read W&M, people who would be surprised at the programme starting with 15 minutes on Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and, although it covered similar ground, there were some new twists and turns, mainly added by the range of interviewees.

The six tracks he concentrated on (and then spun off from to talk about All Pop Ever) were:

Ride a White Swan – T-Rex
Lola – The Kinks
This Charming Man – The Smiths
What Do You Want – Adam Faith
Freak Like Me – Sugababes


(on our) back back BACK

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[naughtyclanger.jpg] Tonight’s Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of Pop gets Down and Dirrrty with international pop: should we be scared of what we don’t understand? (We share our experiences so you don’t have to.) Plus what else scares us: the irrationality and roots of fear — what is the REAL fantastickal menace? And once we’ve found it, how — in today’s hyper-messy hyper-smuttified society which shows every sign of worsening — shall we keep ourselves safe and clean? Chips, tips, sex by dicethrow and and a SCARY SPECTRAL GUEST (maybe), all in our Junket of muck!

It’s at 7PM, on Resonance 104.4 FM if you’re in the South Bank area and at if you’re not – broadcast over the internet and then podcast afterwards on Junk Bondsminx is Sarah Clarke, Hi-Tech Jinxmonkey is Eli Sessions, the Massed Menks of Vulgar Panic are Magnus Anderson, Tom Ewing, Kat Stevens.

And (below the cut) is that special plea once more from Ed Baxter, programming director of Resonance FM. If you like Lollards (or indeed anything else on Resonance), act accordingly!