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SWEET SENSATION – “Sad Sweet Dreamer”

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#358, 19th October 1974

Rueful soft soul comforted by great pillowing banks of Philly-style orchestration, industrial quantities of it: never mind the quality, feel the gloss (and enjoy the louche brass while you’re at it). The production on “Sad Sweet Dreamer” lacks a sureness of touch when it comes to scale and smothers any emotion in the chorus until it comes out mostly as a shrug. Marcel King’s quavering, boyish vocals give the record some needed character but in the end this drifts pleasantly out of pop history having made terribly little impression.

Blog ’92: THAT’S WHAT I AM

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8. 2 Unlimited – The Magic Friend

I have a terrible confession to make. Much as I love 2 Unlimited, I have never rated Ray’s rapping.


Carry On Girls Aloud

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The last Girls Aloud album, Chemistry, came with an excellent bonus disc of Christmas songs, including originals like “Not Tonight Santa” and “Christmas Round At Ours”, stuffed with goodwill and mild naughtiness of the “pull a cracker” variety.  They felt, somehow, like the most English things the Girls had ever done, at least until “Fling”, from the new record. “Just a fling baby, fling baby – ding-a-ling baby!” – on paper these lyrics make you cringe but they’re sung with music hall relish: this is one of the band’s spiciest* and strongest vocal performances, a brilliant predatory holler. The theme – inasmuch as you can pin Miranda Cooper lyrics down to a theme – is casual pick-ups, and the simple joy of the record is how it keeps shifting gears from generic Ritzy’s disco to a turbocharged new-wave mosh, catching you unawares with the aggression as the Girls spot a catch and pile onto the metaphorical dancefloor. The Lex, a man with a tin ear for vulgarity, absolutely hates it, but this is an awesome combination of seaside postcard brassiness and binge-drink-Britain shamelessness.

*If Geri had had songs like “Fling” back when she split the Spicers, that ‘female Robbie’ thing might have actually worked.

Popular Special Announcement

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Regular commenters might have noticed a certain absence from the boxes lately – mainstay Marcello seems to have gone AWOL. I’m delighted to announce that this is not, in fact, due to legal proceedings by the representatives of Clodagh Rogers, but is because he has gone and GOT MARRIED to fellow Popular commenteer Lena (though they didn’t first meet here). Hearty congratulations to the pair of them!