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Rockists Night In: Set The Fire To The Third Knob

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Methinks the lady doth protest too much

Those of you not yet middle-aged, criticise BBC Three while you still can! Really though, the channel’s future seems as safe as their schedules and as a result I don’t think Bennett needs to act quite so irate in her defensive stance. But then as a (not middle-aged) critic of BBC Three in general for some time now I would say that.

So how does the reality match up to Bennett’s insistence that the channel provides a ‘high quality mixed-genre schedule of innovative UK content featuring new UK talent’ to that all-important 16-34 yr olds audience? Tonight we have:


A Middle Class Hero Is Something To Be

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As a marketer it gives me shudders of appaling delight to see phrases like “moving up the Value Funnel” in a music comments box, so you can imagine I’ve found Hypebot’s posts on “the rise of the Musical Middle Class” very interesting. (He’s using a specific definition of “middle class”, by the way – talking about bands who cut out the middleman and make a reasonable living essentially through good fan relationships, and he’s suggesting that this is the model to follow in music 2.0)

If he’s right – and there’s plenty of debate on Hypebot’s own site about whether or not he is – then there are two main implications that worry me.



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#352, 29th June 1974


People remembering the 1970s as a grim decade must surely be forgetting records like this, which prove that it was also a time of romance and sophistication. Romance of course meaning “French”. And sophistication meaning….”French”. And they don’t come much more romantic and sophisticated than Charles Aznavour.