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Sep 07

Pop Open Week 9

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The Pop Open returns with four tracks on the theme “fifties and before”. 

Please don’t reveal anything about the tracks in the comments box! If you want to play in the Pop Open, go here.

Tanya’s Hot Date With… Sean Kingston

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Online dating is a wonderful thing…

Sensitive young man into eating, singing like a girl and the outdoors would like to meet an ugly girl, any age, any race just NOT BEAUTIFUL.

Hi Seany, tell me more about yrself. I am in my early thirties and like relaxing, silent movies and the countryside (as long as there is not a bloody music festival going on). What do you like?

Hey Tanya. You sound lovely. But can you tell me if you are attractive? I have had a bad experience with a beautiful girl you see, and frankly it made me want to kill myself so I would appreciate a photo or maybe a description.

Sorry, I don’t send photos but it is funny that beautiful girls made you feel suicidal. There is a song in the charts CALLED Beautiful Girls which makes ME feel suicidal.


Cookie Pussy

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This is one of those posts where yr well aware that every single blogger in the country is going to be asking the same question and yet ask you must, viz:

Blue Peter changing the results of its online poll: so that a cat online readers wanted called “Cookie” was now called “Socks”. This is for whatever reason a very bad thing and a severe breach of trust (it has led to MOAR KITAN on BP though so all’s well), what I haven’t seen answered is the question WHY DID THEY DO IT? It’s not as if the online readers had voted to call the cat “Tony B Liar” or “Cockmonger” or had all written in that its religion was Jedi. Maybe the evil poll rigger involved was trying to please their own tiny infant, maybe they were drunk on powar (or just drunk). Also there has already been a famous cat called Socks so it was a useless name. RESIGN BBC, oh wait.

I WAS A GOBLIN: Herd mentalities

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One of the great corny running jokes in the early days of gaming was the idea of a game in which people would play white-collar workers. The standard format of the gag would involve a bunch of dwarves or elves sitting round a gaming table making “saving throws against income tax” and suchlike.

The gag is a neat summary of assumptions about the gaming hobby. Firstly, it’s escapist, and enjoyable because of its escapism. But also, the people who play it are – or are going to become – accountants, computer programmers, admen, etc. There was very, very little counter-cultural about the early RPG hobby. It shared visual style and iconography with 70s head shops and underground comix but was a lot squarer, nervous (to say the least!) about the chemical and sexual pursuits the underground embraced, and it’s one of the few areas of late 70s/early 80s cultural activity where it’s extremely difficult to detect any kind of punk blowback.