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Sep 07

London Mens Be Being Rubbidge

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This is the subtext of this weekends British films. Both are “not all that funny” comedies, and both feature commitment shy London men realising the errors of their ways. In Someone Else this manifests in a realistically shit but mature break-up where Stephen Mangan leaves long-term girlfriend Susan Lynch for the titular “Someone Else”. In Run Fatboy Run Simon Pegg leaves a pregnant Thandie Newton at the altar without saying a word. By the nature of the films, Mangan comes across as a much worse person than Pegg despite doing something which is pretty routine in relationships – namely splitting up.

Of course the point of Someone Else is to dwell on this relatively inconsequential mistake, and to show how miserable this has made him. The point of Run Fatboy Run is to show a fat person running a marathon.