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Sep 07

Resisting Entropy – Mars Planets and the Second Law of Thermodynamics (Food Science Day 2007 Experiment #1)

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Before…Mars Planets: the atomisation of the Mars Bar. An entropic dis-integration, the tendency of all things to become more chaotic, in confectionery form. I’m trying to resist the impulse to tie this stuff up to no-such-thing-as-Society atomisation because that’s not how we do things, right? And Mars Planets are better to share than a proper big Mars Bar, after all, for reasons of ease and hygiene. Nevertheless, my friends, here’s our chance to take a brave and random stand against entropy, to roll back the ticking clock of chocolate-coated chaos.


Speed, Strength, Invunerability, and A Good Subject For Pop Songs

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At Poptimism on Saturday I bumped into Vic Fluro of this manor. Now when I bump into him, and he is not desperately trying to wangle a set on the decks, the talk invariably turns to comics. Though we both agreed that they are a pretty dull thing to talk about at the moment (the big two US companies are duking it out with endless themed and event comics of varying but low-ish quality). Trying to work out whether World War Hulk or Amazons Attack were better, it struck me (being in a club) that these levels of objectivity would not work. Instead there must be a better way to finally settle the difference.

(Image from Apropos Of Something comics section).
The answer was staring us in the face. Pop music. Which company had the best songs about its characters, or to be more objective which had THE MOST. It struck us early on that DC may have an advantage with Superman, who seems to crop up in a number of songs.