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sex drums rock n raveSex Drums Rock n Rave
Awful artwork, terrible title. A compilation of the rocked-up dance scene (do not call it by its name). A high hit rate for a compo, and some of the tracks are storming. Amazon

GARY GLITTER – “I’m The Leader Of The Gang (I Am)”

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#335, 28 July 1973

A question I’m honestly unsure of the answer to: if Michael Jackson had been found guilty of child molestation, what would have happened to his songs? Would “Billie Jean” or “Beat It” have emptied party dancefloors? Would “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” or “Human Nature” suddenly have become harder to like? And if Pete Townshend’s ‘research purposes’ hadn’t kept him out of legal trouble, would The Who’s old tracks have fallen from grace?


Take A K Away: MIKA vs MIA (A Tanya Competition)

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I got mail. Well a comment from someone calling him/herself TamilTyger after my comments about Mika’s probable blindness*:

Dear Tanya, this is a bit of a cheap shot, even for you. Not to mention the fact that whilst that is a terrible cover, I cannot believe you did not notice the covers to MIA’s albums whilst in the MI section of Virgin Megastore. Surely they are much, much worse.

And she always wears dark sunglasses like she is blind.

Whilst I stick by my assessment of the MIKA album cover, TamilTyger does have a point. Of course I did not notice it in the MI section of the Virgin Megastore, because to enter such a place would be putting myself, and everyone at mortal danger of me going on a killing spree. And as we know, presence of dark glasses does not mean that you are actually blind (cf the actually just colour blind Stevie Wonder).

Nevertheless, TamilTyger does have a point. As such I present you with a dangerous competition. I suggest you don dark glasses (or borrow MIA’s or indeed Stevie Wonder’s) before clicking through.


Peas In A Pod: Eagle vs Shark & 12:08 East Of Bucharest

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Its really really lazy to compare two films from completely different traditions, different funding and different production histories just because they have come out in the UK at the same time and because they vaguely have something in common. It would be really lazy, for example, to take the low-key deadpan Romanian political satire 12:08 East Of Bucharest and compare it with the New Zealand indie deadpan rom-com Eagle vs Shark: just because they both use a very dry style to tease the humour out of their scenarios. Perhaps one could use the similarities to have a greater discussion about the use of straight, unironic delivery in these two films with very different aims. But that is an accident of chance, and neither could be said as the best exponents of this kind of dry delivery.
That said, it might be lazy but I’m going to do it. Because both I also saw both films within two days of each other and it kills two birds with one stone.


Agatha Christie Comics

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I am a poor judge of whether or not a bit of PR work will lead to press coverage or not. Take the Agatha Christie comic adaptations story that’s been doing the rounds – this looks like a non-starter to me but everywhere has covered it. I will make a second – possibly bad – prediction and say that all this publicity will not help these comics sell very many copies.

For one thing, I can’t believe comic adaptations of books sell very well. They must make some economic sense because publishers keep doing them, but is there really much of a market beyond a particular type of mentalist collector? Children barely read comics any more, and for the adult reader it’s hard to escape a sense of illegitimacy if you’re reading an adaptation – like, shouldn’t you really be giving the prose version a go?