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Dicks – E – Chicks (and other poorly spelled insults)

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dixie-chicks.jpgThe Dixie Chicks documentary Shut Up And Sing is so named after a lyric in a recent song, itself derived from a death threat the band got. The Chicks, the biggest selling girl group in US history had pissed off the largely Republican country audience by saying they were ashamed the George Bush was from Texas at a UK gig. So a conflicted audience decided to burn records, effigies and boycott gigs. The phrase Shut Up And Sing is in itself paradoxical, but at least is spelt correctly unlike a lot of the other banners. That said, the political act that got them this attention is pretty minor, and after spending a couple of hours in their company in the film, you start to sympathise with the banner. Not that they aren’t funny, witty and intelligent women caught in a bizarre situation. But you wish that somewhere along the line the film would give you a whole song, just to illustrate why they were so popular in the first place. AND I OWN DIXIE CHICKS ALBUMS!

So as a rockumentary it follows Spinal Tap pretty faithfully (you don’t get many full songs in that either), just with less gags. But slightly bizarre British manager: check!