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Jul 07

Poptimism – Lesson Forty Two

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Aly & A.J – Potential Breakup Song

Donna Summer – Heaven Knows

Brant ft Mr Roper – Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (Ada Mix)

Pepe Deluxe – The Mischief of Cloud 6

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – China Heart

Tegan and Sara – Back in Your Head

Prince – Guitar

Stella – Dreams (Thomas/Geiger Mix)


mass celebration of the taste of a dead sloane

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ferrymy dad — more or less fully bedridden now and unable to work any music device more elaborate than a TV remote — watched pretty much all of the concert for diana; i tried to watch as much as i could with him, because time with him basically means time watching TV with him, but i only managed about 20 minutes

which is not to say there weren’t fascinating oddities even in that little span — nuggets of ultra-coded information that begged to be opened up… as i’d been reading penman’s essay on bryan ferry a few days back, i was idly wondering about the conversation lady di might have had (about roxy music) (or sapphire and steel, i bet she loved that) with ferry’s other more regal fan, and something happened in the music that ground my mind to a halt, the unexpected ambush of a long-known fact i genuinely couldn’t process: ferry was playing blues harp (which of course he’s always done now and then), and just the fact of him not (for once) complicatedly failing to mimick cool lounge-suit sung ease, but puffing away with his cheeks and forehead at this least upperclass of instruments… and it thre something into my head his recent cover-version project totally didn’t, bcz here i was suddenly thinking of lyttle bryan long ago in kitchen-sink land eager actually to BE bob dylan, and practicing practicing practicing till he sounded just the same, the epitome of the opposite of surface grace — which for a bar or so he did

Pop Open Week 4

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The theme this week is DEATH. If you want to vote in the Pop Open, go here. And please don’t reveal what the tracks are yet (if you know)!

The Dave Clark Five

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davidclarke_capt.jpgHooray for the England Blind Football Team. They beat Greece 5-1 in what appears to be a bit of a walkover. And are happily anticipating the blind European champions where the prodigious talents of their striker may net them victory. The name of this footballing Wunderkind?

Dave Clark.

WHERE ARE THE DAVE CLARK’S FIVE JOKES ON THE WEB? He got five goals for crying out loud. Not bad for any striker let alone a blind one. The blind football team captain. Who works in a sewage plant in Deptford*.

The campaign for sports personality of the year starts here. Especially when you consider he is also a golfer and runner.
(More on blind football here).

*This bit and only this bit might be a lie.

THE SWEET – “Block Buster”

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#325, 27th January 1973

Sometimes you hear a flaw, a niggle in a track you love and it gradually sours you on the whole. I am worried that this might be happening to “Blockbuster”. For tens, perhaps hundreds, of plays, I had enjoyed this most wholehearted of tracks, and then suddenly, one day, I noticed that of course they’re not singing “blockbuster”, they’re singing “block Buster”. Whoever he is.