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May 07

Never mind low GI, here’s cor GI.

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Man to eat Corgi live on air: “It’s going to be served in a pitta bread with a salad, almost like a kebab on a skewer.” The live eating will be in the Resonance FM studios, which, though slightly cramped, have a long history of food science. I just hope they don’t get reggae reggae sauce on the carpet. “We didn’t want to make it very distressing visually, says the not-so-starving artist behind this – good thing it’s on the radio then! Apparently they’re going to mince the dog rather than roast it: not a distressing image for a dog-lover at all, I think you’ll agree.

DAVID CASSIDY – “How Can I Be Sure?”

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#320, 30th September 1972

davidcassidy63.jpg“How can I be sure, in a world that’s constantly changing?” – this is one of the great pop questions. Who’s for real? Who’s leading me on? Who isn’t going to take me down? Will I still love you tomorrow? Here’s a teenpop idol singing it, and singing it well – Dusty Springfield sang it better, in the version I knew first, but Cassidy does a creditable job.


SLADE – “Mama Weer All Crazee Now”

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#319, 9th September 1972

“Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-YEAH!” – that’s the point of this single, really: the coda where Noddy stops saying weer crazee and simply goes (goez?) crazee-er, his voice finally catching up with the runaway train drumming that’s been goading him every chorus to just let it go. The rest of the single – verses in particular – are simply a necessary warm up.

My Worst Friend

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Patrice Leconte! Daniel Auteil! Words that have shone out in the wasteland of French film for the last ten years suggesting that I may just tolerate any film they are involved in. Well they have made a misstep. An interesting misstep but a bi-left-footed dancer in hobnail boots of a misstep no less.

Mon meilleur ami (My Best Friend) is a romantic comedy. BUT the film is actually about fraternal bonding, about how we make and perpetuate friendships. Friendships are not romances though, and therefore the inherent problem with the film flags itself up at the moment you realise that this is going to be the most formulaic romantic comedy EVAH!

STEP 1: Daniel Auteil is accused of having no friends. Makes a bet that he can produce his best friend by the end of the month.
STEP 2: Realises he has no friends.
STEP 3: Employs overtly sociable cab driver to show him how to make friends.
STEP 4: Fails to make friends.