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May 07

Poptimism – Lesson Thirty Nine

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The Thing – Beenie Man ft Cecile

Boyz – M.I.A.

Grip Like A Vice – The Go! Team

Miss Popularity – Jordan Pruitt

Play Wid Punks – Anthony B

Heavyweight Champion – Reverend and the Makers

Fett – Nachlader

Living On Video – Trans X

Stress – Justice



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bush-dixie-chicks.jpgWell, they probably will as a way to destabilise Hillary Clinton’s campaign first for Democratic Nomination and then President. Because Hillary BELIEVES IN DEMOCRACY SO MUCH she is allowing her supporters to pick her running song. Some people, after all, have pooh-poohed her initial choice of Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones: on the grounds that it is a Right wing song for a left wing candidate. Such reasoning seems spurious when just a IT’S JESUS JONES SONG surely would suffice, but there you go. D:Ream did not harm New Labour*.